Mission Statement for Ed Gold Documentary photography



I am doing something useful and need to raise money to cover my travel expenses.



My documentary photography work does not pay me enough for a livable wage or cover all of my travel expenses. Therefore I accept donations via Paypal on my website to only cover my expenses and not for any kind of profit, for myself or anybody else. As a Not-For-Profit I exist on donations and any money I can earn through my work to pay for my working travel expenses and not for personal advantage. 




My documentary photography work relies at least partly on public donations and therefore it is crucial that the work remains beyond reproach. Not only must my work pursue honourable initiatives, but it must conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.


Code of Ethics


I will be honest and act with integrity at all times, and will not compromise or abuse my position as a documentary photographer. I will work with impartiality and be diligent in the exercise of my duties and responsibilities as a photographer for the advancement of education and promote information through the medium of photography. Furthermore I will behave in a manner which does not bring discredit on the people I document or undermine public confidence in my photography.


Core values


My core values as an established international documentary photographer demonstrate that I am a good steward of the resources bequeathed to me. My core values are only true core values if they are an active influence and if I manage to live by them, at least most of the time.


Why Donate?

If you are motivated by the power of my work then you probably don't need to ask this question. What I am doing is non profit and has a strong social/ethical balance. My track record* in self funding these projects demonstrates my commitment to them and I clearly have an understanding and empathy for the people I photograph. My work is used by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The New York Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, La Repubblica and has been made into 15 solo exhibitions as well as having 3 mainstream books published - which has resulted in great public benefit. I now have many fans around the world who appreciate my photography and your donation will allow me to continue my work in the future. 


I will show how I have made a fair return on the resources donated to me by publishing my photographic related income and expenditure for donors to see upon request via my email address (info@edgold.co.uk).


*Please view my previous completed work in ABOUT, BOOKS, NEWS & EXPOS on this website which demonstrates evidence of my track record and that I am who I say I am.




I would like to advise donors that I'd like to be clear about what would happen to money in the event that I am unable to do what I have said that I will. For example, if I fall ill and were unable to complete the project, what would happen to the money raised? It's useful to spell this out in advance as it could prevent problems with donors later. Therefore in the event I am unable to complete my project(s) I will be happy to discus the return of a suitable proportion of donations received if I am prevented by matters outside my control to complete a project, in order to achieve an equitable solution.


[The above text was supplied in part from the Fundraising Regulator (Jessica Davies, Communications Officer - www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk) on 10 July 2017 who read through this page and recommended I add this extra wording].


Thank you.

Ed Gold - 04 July 2017