Positive Futures Quarterly 02 - May 2020

Positive Futures Quarterly 02 - May 2020


Published on Aug 28, 2020


Alternative People, Places, Values - 166 pages, 36 interviews & 103 photographs. In this issue: Ex-Radical Anarchist Protester Antifa, Truth Searcher, Co-operative Smallholders, Permaculture Education & Demonstration Site, Natural Living, Cheesemaker & Squatter, Free Party Organizer & New Style Street Performer, Harmony In Nature Designers, Circus Organizer, Mountain Plant Worker & Goat Keeper, Herbalist & Land Keeper, Nomadic Transmitters, Off-Grid, Lovers Of Freedom & Truth, Self Sufficient Reality Of Life, Hermit, Fire Keeper, Mountaineer & Survival Instructor, Volunteer Nomad, Regenerative Farming Facilitator, Natural Builder, Bridgers of Awareness, Balancer Between Human & Wild Nature & Cave Dweller, Outdoor Woman, Independent Human Soul, Peace Research Journalist, Workaway Hosts, Off Grid Homesteader, Rainbow Gatherer, Tribal Musician Gardener, Primary School Teacher & Eco-Builder, Village Library Keeper, Textile Maker & Furniture Carpenter, Remote Off-Grid Nature Artist & Children’s Emergency Red Cross.


  • # of pages: 166
  • Page size: 21.01 × 29.71 cm


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