Positive Futures Quarterly 03 - February 2020

Positive Futures Quarterly 03 - February 2020


Published on Feb 1, 2020


Alternative People, Places, Values - 116 pages, 37 interviews & 73 photographs. In this issue: Garage living, Raft living, Tent living, Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone, Forester, Off-grid architect, Seasonal worker, Gardener and protester, Organic vegetable grower, Vegetable grower and tree surgeon, Animal rights saboteur, Crystal healing, Apprentice shaman, Off-grid small holding, Van dwellers, Caravan living, Eco-housing project, Cold water swimmers, Volunteer activist, Yurtsmith, Apothecary style self-taught herbalist, Edible landscape gardener, Musician and circus artist, Felt maker hatter, Coppicer, Organic vegetable grower, Camping and glamping host, Off-Grid Saw Mill and Mountain Bike Centre, City caravan dwellers, Poet, Eco-hybrid community, Couchsurfing hosts, Organic hemp farming worker’s co-operative, Creative facilitator, Healer, Treehouse Living, Off-grid musician.


# of pages: 180

Page size: 21.01 × 29.71 cm