Positive Futures 04

Positive Futures 04


120 pages, 39 interviews, 16 podcasts & 108 photographs.

Positive Futures magazine Issue 04: August 2021
(Mainstream magazine) - Main story: Special Issue - 41 Tiny Homes. 


Shed Living, Tufty Top, Brick Home, Arctic Cabin, Cob Hut, House On Wheels, Yurt Living, Celtic Roundhouses, Waste Building, Tree Caravan, Tree Castle, Hut Living, Pine Hut, Tabique House, Bottega Pod, Ecomobile, Bottega Pod, Ecomobile, Allotment Home, Celtic Roundhouse, Trailer House, Bow Top Wagon, Healing House, Nonagon House, Roundhouse, Hairy Cabin, Dragon Wagon, Tree Lodge, Undercroft, Cabin, Cider Barrel, Log Cabin, Round Wood, Caravan Living, Narrow Boat, Railway Carriage, Van Living, Organic Pod, Bath House, Straw Baler, Reciprocal Spiral, Grower’s Hut, Bender Living.




Positive Futures 'celebrates the ingenuity and diversity of people who have chosen to live their own independent and alternative lifestyle’. It's a new magazine about people who live off-grid, and you have to think, is there a better time for a magazine like this to appear?


In addition to being a skilled writer and photographer, the publisher of Positive Futures lives a nomadic life himself. Ed Gold is an informed and empathetic guide, someone who, rather than 'dropping in', chooses to embed to embed himself in this other world where people – from the Algarve to Alaska – have either been forced to live on the margins of society or have deliberately stepped off the hamster wheel to live a life where nobody can tell them what to do.


Ed is now collecting his work and republishing it in a more accessible, conventional magazine format to share it with a wider audience, while of course continuing to rove the planet. Positive Futures is a deceptively simple magazine that you’ll find has many layers and multiple strands. While the social and political dimensions provide plenty of food for thought, we think that if you love the adventure and self-reliance that characterises popular magazines, you’ll really love this intriguing and distinctly original new entrant. - Magalleria magazine shop, Bath

Colchester Daily Gazette newspaper story, 07 November 2020


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