Positive Futures 03

Positive Futures 03


About the Book


3rd version of Positives Futures which was originally conceived in 2005. This magazine contains interviews and photographs made of people who are either living off grid or have changed their lives to live more sustainably. The BBC News commissioned me to document this series as the film ‘Captain Fantastic’ had just come out and they wanted some coverage of off-grid living.




Features & Details


  • Primary Category: Arts & Photography Books
  • Project Option:
    US Letter, 8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm
  • # of Pages: 184
  • Publish Date: Sep 26, 2016
  • Language English
  • Keywords: off grid, low impact, tipi valley, wales, bbc

Order a printed book: https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/7370193-positive-futures-03