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No longer in print due to introduction of 'PFQ1' Positive Futures Quarterly 1 magazine.

30 pages, 12 interviews & 45 photographs.

This issue: 01 April 2020


Outdoor Woman, Independent Human Soul, Peace Research Journalist, Workaway Hosts, Off Grid Homesteader, Rainbow Gatherer, Tribal Musician Gardener, Primary School Teacher & Eco-Builder, Village Library Keeper, Textile Maker & Furniture Carpenter, Remote Off-Grid Nature Artist & Children’s Emergency Red Cross VolunteeR


DISCLAIMER: Positive Futures is a monthly magazine, the first issue appearing 1st November 2019. The content of the magazine comprises of an interview of one or more interviewees on the left hand page and up to 3 photographs of them, on the right hand page. It is not normal practice for journalists to give the interviewee their words to check and approve but I do this to ensure my complete transparency and the third party's satisfaction. From the outset interviewees are told I am making a monthly magazine and if they agree to talk with me and be photographed they enter a verbal agreement where I can use what they say. 

This disclaimer is to state that, because the magazine is monthly, if I do not hear back from the interviewee approval for their words, which I type verbatim to my laptop in real time, after the 15th of every month then I go ahead and publish the work as I have much to do and no time to wait. I also give people the option of anonymity, where no names, location or identities are revealed. My work has been used 16 times by BBC News online in this way so is without question and has the utmost integrity. If you have any queries please contact me.