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180 pages, 36 interviews & 104 photographs.

This issue: August 2020


Philosopher and Primary School Teacher, Horse-Drawn Gypsy Wagon Traveller, Minimalist Home Grower, Green Wood Eco-Builder, Stick Making Volunteer, Foragers, Community Interest Company, Quilting, Nurse and Boater, Gypsy Roma Traveller Boater Outreach Worker, Environment/Old Technology Aficionado, Folly Keepers, Healing House, Save the M32 Maples, Pragmatic Minimalist Teacher, Thatcher, Small Holders in the Woods, Inventor, Ageing Hippy and Editor of Land Magazine, Alternative Thinking Squash Grower, Earth Lover, Little Family Living in Countryside, Mentor, Hedge Dwellers, Free Spirit, Horse-Drawn Ragamuffin Junglist, Basket Maker and Children’s Craft and Nature Facilitator, Land Management Co-operative Member of the Community, Horticulturist, Farmer, Small Holder, Scything Specialist, Environmental Political Spiritual Alternative Lifestyle, Low Impact Development Bender Community, Eco Activist, Master Blacksmith, Endurance Cyclist, Bush Crafter and Philanthropist Gatherer, Originally Extinction Rebellion but now HS2 Protester, Political/Ecological Activist, Gardener and Protester, Not Living in a Box