CV (please refer to EXPOS for exhibitions and their dates)



1987 - 1989 B/TEC National Diploma Graphic Design, Colchester Institute (Essex)

1988 Photographer's assistant, Shell Oil International (London)


1989 E6 Film Processor, Noconcept II (Gene Nocon), Laystall Street (London)


1990 - 1994 Farm labourer, Tree surgeon's assistant, Garden Nursery Hand, Graphic Designer (all Essex) Dry Stone Waller (Scotland)


1994 - 1997 BA Hons Design, Colchester Institute (Essex)


1997 - 1998 MA Communication Design, Central Saint Martins (London)


1999 - 2002 Farm labourer (Essex), Security guard, Dry Stone Waller (both north Wales) Otter sanctuary (Cornwall)


2002 Begin full time social documentary photography (north Wales)


2003 - 2005 Make 7 photography exhibitions (north Wales & London)


2006 - 2009 Two and a half year stay in 'Welsh Patagonia' (Argentina) (BBC News)

2009 Get Volvo Fire Truck and shipping container of fire fighting equipment donated to Gaiman, Patagonia via Operation Florian


2009 Document Wales, Alaska & Haida Gwaii, Canada (Plus long distance motorcycling)

2010 Farm labourer, Motorcycle courier, Document 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment (all Essex)

2011 Document Parachute Regiment - 2 PARA (Essex & Afghanistan) Document 'Welsh Donetsk' (Ukraine) (BBC News)

2012 Publish 'Patagonia: Another World' Gomer photography book. Live in yurt tent (both north Wales)

2012 - 2013 5 month stay in France

2013 Second & third visit to document Wales, Alaska (Plus long distance motorcycling) (BBC News)

2013 - 2014 6 month stay in Canada 

2014 Publish 'Wales: Portrait of an Alaska village' VP&D House photography book  (Plus long distance motorcycling)

2015 2 month stay in Portugal to build a 19 foot diameter yurt (Plus long distance/off-road motorcycling)

2015 2 month stay at Prophet River to document First Nation reservation (Canada) (BBC News)

2015 - 2016 6 week stay to document Galena (Alaska) (BBC News)

2016 Document United States Army Cold Weather Course (Alaska) (BBC News)

2016 Document Gym users (Essex), Living off-grid (England & Wales) (BBC News)

2016 Document off-grid communities in UK 'Tinkers Bubble' (Somerset) (BBC News)

2016 NGO Water Aid commission (East Sussex, South West Wales, East Midlands) (BBC News)

2016 Publish 'Welsh Patagonia' Fox Ash Press letterpress photography book

2017 Document Polish nurse (Essex), Atchley family (Alaska) (BBC News)

2017 FIRSTSITE photography exhibition, Colchester (see EXPOS)

2017 Long distance/off-road motorcycling to Australia's remotest community 'Kiwirrkurra', Western Australia

2017 - 2018 3 month stay to document Aboriginal First Australian community 'Yuendumu', Northern Territory (Australia) (Intelligent Magazine)

2018 Document 'The Bitter End' ReSpacing project, Romford, Essex (BBC News)

2018 Document Scoraig community, near Ullapool, Scotland (BBC News)

2018 Document ex-Para Reg soldiers now in civvie street, UK wide (BBC News)

2018 Long distance motorcycling from Alaska to California, document 'Electric Motorcycles' in California, New York State, Alabama & Nevada

2019 Finish 'Electric Motorcycles' project, update website and design Electric Motorcycles & Para book


2019 Researching next project in California/ Florida for Marine/ Underwater stills film camera project, applying to photo agencies full-time