The first Positive Futures was a photography book put together in 2005 of images and words about alternative living. This work was inspired by people in British off-grid communities who were making positive choices about how they wanted to build their own homes, grow their own food and be more mindful of their responsibilities to each other, their immediate surroundings and the earth. 


Since then 6 art books have been made that celebrate those who have eschewed conventional society and include many different types of homes and activities in various communities in the UK and north American wilderness.

Positive Futures 07 and onwards are now the first edition of a series of magazines featuring 12 sets of interviews every month of people and stories from the UK, Europe and North America that publicises and illustrates their experiences in their own words, giving people a voice.


Ed Gold has been documenting with a camera for over 30 years and has built up a significant body of work that represents his ongoing interest in communities, both geographically and socially.